About me

Hi, I’m David Ray and I’m on the Cortical.io team (creators of the Retina API and Semantic Folding Engine – NLP inspired by the neocortex) and am the developer lead for HTM.java, the official Java port of NuPIC (the Numenta Platform for Intelligent Computing).

Why I’m on a cognition mission?

It is my hope that intelligent software will help push the boundaries of human knowledge to the point where we can manipulate both matter and energy to be able to produce anything we desire. At which point, we will be able to protect the earth, get rid of scarcity (because we can make or produce anything) and finally stop playing the stupid game of material acquisition, territorial hoarding and self-esteem through domination of others. To free Humanity to do what it was meant to do, which is to grow and contribute to the universe in which we live. </end soap box>

So… the purpose of this blog is to provide a place where those of us interested in sharing our experiences as we learn about HTM technology and machine intelligence, will have a place to support each other’s growth toward that end. I will be journaling my experience as I learn about HTMs; neurobiology and the production of intelligent software and responding to feedback and requests from you as we take this journey together.

Happy Hacking!



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