Receives New Docker File

Greetings Earthlings (and otherwise affiliated),

This is just an announcement about some added tooling made available to not only users, but the NuPIC Community in general; together with some other news, and “whispers” (shhh…) about things to come…

If you’re new to NuPIC or, and you just have to try it out (and who could blame you!), but you just happen to maybe have a brittle development environment or you have a personal setup on your dev system that you’d rather not “contaminate” by installing dependencies, or you just simply want to quickly play with HTM algorithms in an isolated environment… Yes, we have an APP for that!

Thanks to a good suggestion and some hard work by Eron Wright (a NuPIC Community member), we now have a clean way to experiment with HTM algorithms in an environment that is guaranteed to work.

How do we guarantee that? Well if you’ve caught wind of the new “virtualization” movement; having heard of Parallels, VMWare or VirtualBox – then you probably already know about Docker. In case you haven’t heard of it, Docker is much like the above only faster and much more light weight. The beauty of it is that it contains all the necessary dependencies and is already preconfigured so that it will work on anyone’s system, regardless of OS (as long as you’re using Mac OS X, Linux, or Windows).

So feel free and able to play with HTM algorithms in quick fashion.

To read more about the new Docker setup, see’s wiki [here…]


Other news…’s serialization is nearly complete (probably due for release within the coming week). This means that users will be able to save their networks and start them back up at the place they left off…

Additionally, this will be useful for some of the new community projects which have implemented clustering; parallelized engines such as htm-moclu & flink-htm (read more about those here).

Thanks to some gruesome trouble shooting, is now build-able using OpenJDK…

Also,’s project landing page has received a little bit of a face-lift.

Th th th that’s all folks!


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