With AI Accelerated Learning, what will become of Human Learning?

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This just shows to go you (intentional reversing) – that its not the thought that conveys the meaning. Put in any context, a thought could be used to arouse fear. Here, we’re asking the wrong questions, and coming to even more skewed conclusions. Here’s why we have nothing to worry about…

But we cannot help but wonder if this is the right way or not. As far as we are aware of, human beings’ purpose in the universe is to accomplish as much knowledge as possible about anything. If machine learning is the future, what will become of human learning? Machines will ultimately learn enough to be able to assist us, or even grow their own consciousness. Yet if we are assisted at every moment, why would the majority of us struggle with learning anything at all?
– Quote from: Article in Gadget Gestures


Ask yourself these questions… When is the last time you made an entry in the Library of Congress? Are you the sole proprietor of all the knowledge you have acquired? Did you uncover / investigate / research / and conclude all points of knowledge you contain? Do you read only the Wikipedia articles that you have written yourself?

If you are like most of us, the answer to the above is no.

AI being out there learning new things and pushing the envelope further out, is no different. Humans don’t learn in order to compete with other sentient species. Learning for us is an individual duty. A challenge, not to be wasted. An opportunity to enable ourselves to contribute back to the whole.

We learn to better ourselves, and all humanity. – Quote from Picard Character: Startrek: First Contact

So what does it matter who or what is doing the research for us? What does it matter that some AI entities may decide not to share certain pieces of knowledge. If there are other sentient species in the Universe, we certainly don’t know everything they know either; and I certainly don’t know everything that the person sitting next to me on the subway knows.

Eventually we will have technology assisted evolution and cognitive capacity. Our knowledge of medicine; irrigation and sanitation has already modified our life-expectancy. Knowledge is knowledge, regardless of the source. The knowledge afforded us by AI will be just as integrated into our daily lives as that from the local Library.

One thing is for certain. What FDR said during his inaugural speech is true.

Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself


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