Announcing FXPresso tidbit


Greetings Earthlings (…and otherwise affiliated),


This is just a brief notice of a new repository for holding (hopefully useful) Java and JavaFX tidbits that happen to get created on the way to enhancing other repositories. Eventually to be the home of FXMaps once it is complete. This way we have a place to hold open-source, free software used for support libraries for (NuPIC in Java).

Today’s contribution is a new “Flyout” component which can be placed anywhere on the screen and will “fly out” a user-defined component/node from any (user defined) direction relative to the “anchor” component inserted in the JavaFX node tree. This can be used for toolbar fly out menus, notifications that come in at any point on the screen; cure for cancer – anything!

Plunge in your fork, and try it out!

Let me know what you think?



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